Board of Trustees

The Trustee Board is made up of 21 members elected at the annual meeting on a staggered basis.

Group photo of the Board of TrusteesThe Board of Trustees is responsible for:

  • The oversight of the assets of the Church
  • Performing an a audit review of the annual operating budget
  • The collection of and accounting for all monies raised in the name of the Church
  • The custody and care of all papers related to the Church’s properties
  • Recommending changes in the property interests of the Church
  • Seeking out prudent endowments and nvestments and share the status of each with the Church at least quarterly
  • Supervising the activities of the following Standing Committees:
    • Buildings and Grounds
    • Finance and Audit
    • Investment


  • Carl Davis, Chair
  • Alva “Chip” Tabor, Vice-Chair
  • Cheryl McAfee-Mitchell, Secretary
  • Gill Bass, Assistant Secretary
  • Sidnee Paschal, Treasurer
  • Dwight Andrews – Ex Officio board member.
  • Marvin Mangham, Church Treasurer and Elected member of the board.
  • Standing committees of the board – Buildings and Grounds, Finance and Audit, Investment.
  • Board officially represented on – Church Council, Personnel
  • Committee, Budget Committee, Building Committee, Capital
  • Campaign Committee (New Legacy), First Church Community Development Corporation.
  • Board member on – Strategic Planning Committee.
  • Sheryl Franklin, Board liaison to – First Church Community Development Corporation
  • Arthur Clement Sr., Parliamentarian

Meeting Schedule

Meets 2nd Tuesday of every month, and, on a call basis, as needed.  . Meetings are open to the membership of the congregation to attend as observers however, upon advice of counsel, the board may enter into executive session when seeking or receiving legal advice.

2006-2007 Activities

  • Consummate the necessary loan for execution and completion of the church renovation project.
  • Facilitate a comprehensive financial analysis of the church’s assets and liabilities (?).
  • Classify and document the financial assets of the church into functional categories (e.g. endowment, reserve).
  • Draft and refer to the congregation, church-wide policies on Conflict of Interest, Employee Salary Advances, Loan of Church Assets, and Sexual Harassment.
  • Draft and refer to the congregation records retention schedules and an archival storage arrangement for church records of historical value.
  • Adopt board bylaws.
  • Negotiate a new contract for commercial use of the church-owned parking lots.
  • Audit the 2006 financial operation and transactions of the church.
  • Develop and report to the congregation, an investment policy and strategy for church funds.