First Church Community Development Corporation

The mission of the First Church CDC is to extend the community involvement of First Congregational Church through community development and outreach programs.

FCCDC Food Ministry

Thanksgiving Box Distribution

Thanksgiving Box Distribution
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The percent of families in Georgia living in “food insecure” households is higher than the national average. Many families are forced to choose between buying groceries to feed their families or buying medication to help an elderly or disabled family member.

Since 2010, the First Church Community Development Corporation (FCCDC) has been providing boxes and assisting families to meet their monthly nutritional needs through our partnerships with Angel Food Ministries and One Harvest Food Ministry. During 2013, the FCCDC through donations from members of the congregation, as client purchases provided families with enough nutritional food to prepare almost 20,000 nourishing meals. The stories behind the families that receive the assistance can be heartbreaking, but please know they are very appreciative of the help. It does make a difference in their lives.

For more information on purchasing affordable food for your family or a family in need, contact:

Lynne Alston-Leonard at or (404) 454.1774.

FCCDC After school and Summer Music Camp Initiatives

Music CampFirst Church’s beginnings were rooted in the Storrs School which became an important center for the freedmen’s community providing social services, educational classes, and religious training. Education and Social Uplift have been core values of First Congregational Church since its inception.

In 2013, the FCCDC along with its community partners, The Atlanta Music Festival, Emory University Graduation Generation, Emory University Office of Community Engagement, and the Estelle Foundation, offered a Atlanta Music Festival Summer Camp and a successful one day-a-week program at Toomer Elementary School this past Fall and Spring semesters.

During the summer of 2014, the FCCDC and its community partners once again held the two week the Atlanta Music Festival Conservatory Camp (AMFCC). The AMFCC was developed as a collaboration between Meridian Herald, First Church CDC/First Congregational Church and Emory University’s Graduation Generation. The camp is designed to provide a musical experience for an economically and culturally diverse group of 4th to 6th grade students from the Fourth Ward, and the Eastlake and Kirkwood communities of East Atlanta, as well as children from First Congregational Church.

Music Camp

The aim of the camp is to provide an introductory musical experience for the campers with an infusion of activities related to recreation and healthy dietary choices. The students receive instruction in basic music theory, ear training, instrumental music, including piano, brass, woodwind and percussion.

During the summer camp, the students are treated to meals and snacks by the chef for C.H.O.I.C.E.S. (the Center Helping Obesity In Children End Successfully is another collaboration of the FCCDC). The camp participants are also engaged in daily recreational activities.

The long-term goal is to establish a viable after school program to serve the same population of students and to include arts & crafts, technology and movie making components. During Fall 2014, First Church and the FCCDC with its AMF partners launched a 10 week enhanced after-school music program for participants that is held two days a week.